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You Can Help!


We look forward to working with you in finding a suitable buyer for your business. You, as the seller,
are an integral part of the total marketing program. We would like to offer a few friendly
recommendations that will help in our marketing efforts.

It might also be helpful if you took a good look at your business from the perspective of a buyer. Try to
put yourself in the place of a prospective purchaser of the business. What would you do to make it more
attractive or more saleable?
Obviously, the financial records of your business are critical to the sale of your business, but how it looks
is also important. First impressions really count! If a potential buyer doesn’t like the appearance of your
business, the rest of it may never get a chance.
Certainly, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. It is only by working together that we
will get the best results. You might want to check the following to see if any of them are applicable:
1 Keep normal operating hours. There may be a tendency to “let down” when you put your
business up for sale. However, it’s important that prospective buyers see your business at its
2  Repair signs, replace outside lights, etc. You don’t want your business to look as if it has been
3  Maintain inventory at a constant level. If you let your inventory slide, your business will look
neglected. If anything, increase it so your business will look busy.
4  Remove items that are not included in the sale or unnecessary items, especially if inoperative.
5  Repair non-operating equipment or remove it, if you are not using it.
6  Tidy-up outside premises.
7  Spruce-up the inside of the business.

How Much Does a Business Valuation Cost?

Short answer? It depends.

Very few appraisers can come to an exact fee without first knowing why the business valuation is being conducted. Contingency fees can also play a major part in final tabulations. The general rule is that for business appraisal, best practice dictates that appraisers should not do work on any kind of contingent fee basis, as this could cause conflict. Conversely, contingent fees are common, if an appraiser is officially acting as a consultant or transaction advisor.

For a business appraisal, the profession’s ethical and professional standards forbid an appraiser from working on any kind of contingent fee basis due to the obvious conflict of interest that such an arrangement would create. However, when acting as a consultant or transaction advisor (and not as “an appraiser”), a contingent fee arrangement is common.

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