The Standard Offering Document buyer adds small one to two-page thesis and summary

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The offering document, or information package, is the main sales document involved in the mergers and acquisitions process. Within the offering, the document is everything a buyer needs in order to make an offer.

The Standard Offering Document

Typically the offering document is written by the seller or the seller’s representation. Writing the offering document is a very time-consuming process, and as a result, the sellers must be sure they are clear and accurate.

Vince Murphy Business Brpker

Buyers usually do not need to write a full offering document, but a small one to two-page thesis and summary can help a business deal go by smoothly. A well-written offering document can clearly spell out to the buyer the full value of a business and persuade them to make a very promising offer.IBBA Final

The offering document commonly contains:

  • The Executive Summary
  • Seller’s rationale for seeking a deal
  • Company Background
  • Employee information and benefits
  • Legal disclosures and obligations
  • The company’s marketing strategy
  • Financial obligations
  • All company assets (fixed and intangible)

Creating an offering document can be stressful for a seller because it contains all business decisions the seller has made. With that being said, a seller can feel vulnerable and exposed. However, clients who work with George and Company find themselves relieved of that stress and vulnerability. We work as a buffer between the buyer and seller, and we will help you present your business in the best way possible.

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