Don’t Waste Time on a Startup Business Plan—Do These 5 Things Instead

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Sep 12, 2018

Marketing Mistakes That Startups Should Avoid
Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup, but it’s not always a walk in the park. In fact, marketing mistakes are often unavoidable, especially in the early stages of your business. While there is no surefire method to marketing success, there are plenty of mistakes you can avoid to improve your chances of building …

Don’t Waste Time on a Startup Business Plan—Do These 5 Things Instead
Traditionally, startup businesses draft a business plan for three specific reasons: to articulate their vision for the business, to document how …
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How individual recognition directly affects your bottom line
We know that engaged employees are the backbone of all successful organizations – they are resilient in the face of shifting environments and overcome …
People Matters

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Female Founders: Role Models, Support Networks, and Confidence
As part of our ongoing Female Founders series, The Startup Magazine asked Zandra Moore, CEO of Panintelligence, for some insights on her journey as …
The Startup Magazine

You can’t avoid your afternoon slump—here’s how to get through it
It happens to most of us. Somewhere between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. each day–at least on days when you’re not active–all your energy and drive disappears. At …
Fast Company

6 Winning Shipping Strategies for E-Commerce SMBs
E-commerce continues to become more competitive as large companies like Amazon, Target and Walmart soak up market share and customer attention. Shipping …
E-Commerce Time

How to Talk to a Grieving Customer
“I’m calling on behalf of my partner. He died, and I need to close his account.” When Matt drowned in a fast-moving river, it fell to me to cancel …
Harvard Business Review

Win Equity Funding for Your Startup Online
If you are one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who need equity funding to get your startup going (no loans to repay), you are probably overwhelmed at …

Financial Services Need Not Be Such a Tough Industry for Women
Women are far more visible today in the boardrooms of financial services (FS) companies than ever before, perhaps as a result of soul-searching and positive …
Strategy + Business

Working Virtually: Keep your Startup Safe
Modern technologies let people receive data and information quickly and conveniently. A great number of startups and enterprises have gotten an …
The Startup Magazine

Understanding Indemnity Agreements
Contract law allows business owners various mechanisms to mitigate the risk of a potentially crippling lawsuit in the case of an accident or loss. The …
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“I’m not saying I believe in Global Warming, but have you noticed it’s getting harder to make cold calls?”
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What was sold in the Burpee mail-order catalog when it was introduced by 17-year old Washington Atlee Burpee in 1876?
See the answer below.
Bringing A Troubled Company Back To Life
During its glory days from 2009 to 2014, was a power in the real estate business. Its owners included a consortium of …
What Year Was It?

Lascaux cave paintings discovered

Lascaux cave paintings discovered

Near Montignac, France, a collection of prehistoric cave paintings are discovered by four teenagers who stumbled upon the ancient artwork after following their dog down a narrow entrance into a cavern
The day was Sep 12. What year was it?

Quote of the Week
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
Colin Powell
Trivia Answer
What was sold in the Burpee mail-order catalog when it was introduced by 17-year old Washington Atlee Burpee in 1876?
Answer: Chickens
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